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Emergency Power Supplies for greenhouse

 Emergency Power Supplies for greenhouse

LogicPower ERLP200 emergency power supply for greenhouse

The EP LogicPower RLP200 is a reliable emergency power supply for powering, monitoring and controlling theEP LogicControl RLC100 control units and LogicDrive RLD80 and RLD200 drive units. In the event of a power failure or alarm condition, the LogicPower RLP200 ensures that air inlet valves, for instance, are adjusted to a pre-set emergency position. The batteries and control components of the RLP200 emergency power supply are enclosed in a plastic housing with protection class IP54. This makes the RLP200 fully resistant to water and dust.

The LogicPower RLP200 operates best in combination with a LogicControl RLC100 control unit. The RLC100 control unit continuously supplies the RLP200 with 24 V DC. This keeps the battery pack of the RLP200 emergency power supply fully charged. The RLP200 is protected against overloading, overvoltage and temperature overshoots. In the event of a power failure, the RLP200 is activated to supply power to the RLC100 control unit and RLD80 or RLD200 drive units. An activation signal is then sent to the RLC100 control unit that instructs air inlet valves, for instance, to move to an emergency position set with the RLC100 or RLD80/RLD200. If combined with the RLC101 control unit, the RLP200 can supply 24 V DC emergency power to one RLD80 or RLD200 drive unit. If combined with the RLC102, the RLP200 can supply two RLD80 drive units with emergency power.

The RLP200 is equipped with an alarm input for connecting external monitoring sensors (e.g. a min. / max. thermostat). If the RLP200 receives an external alarm (control signal), it is relayed to the RLC100 control unit. This signal also instructs the air inlet valves to move to the pre-set emergency position. In the event of a power failure or external alarm signal, the RLP200 emits an alarm signal (i.e. a sound and flashing LED signal). The LED signal enables the status of the RLP200 to be displayed at any time. The RLP200 features an integrated battery tester to regularly check the quality of the battery pack.

The LogicPower RLP200 is easy to mount and install. The RLP200 is fitted with readily accessible terminal strips to connect the cables. The RLC100 is also equipped with cable glands to feed through the cables.

Art. no. Description [m] [U-in] [U-uit] T IP
kg V V °C
587200 RLP200-24_V DC 4,6 24 24 0-40 54
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