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EP LogicLink400 control units for greenhouse

EP LogicLink400 control units for greenhouse

TheEP LogicLink400 control unit is a ready-made, easy-to-use solution for installing and controllingEP RW motor gearboxes in both rotational directions. To integrate the control and drive components, the control unit is mounted on the motor gearbox. The control unit consists of a potted control board with solid state relays, ensuring a high degree of protection.

TheEP LogicLink400 can be used for ventilation and screen purposes as well as for opening and closing screens individually. The unit can either be controlled manually or by a climate computer with a 24V AC/DC signal. The stand-alone LogicLink300 unit is suitable for various supply voltages and mains frequencies, and is connected to a power cable (1- or 3-phase) and a control signal from the manual control unit or climate computer.

Safeguards in case of an emergency

In case of an emergency, the LogicLink400 provides the driven system and drive unit with maximum protection. The LogicLink400 is equipped with rotating field detection for 3-phase supply voltages. This allows the unit to detect and compensate for a switch in phase, which keeps the motor gearbox turning in the correct rotational direction. When the phases are reversed, phase detection also ensures that the electric motor keeps turning in the right direction, preventing unwanted behaviour. If a phase failure occurs, the drive unit of the motor gearbox will stop.

Overload protection

The LogicLink400 protects the electric motor of the RW motor gearbox against overloads. This requires the electric motor to be equipped with a PTC. The LogicLink400 control unit is also capable of operating a safety switch. If the LogicLink400 detects an emergency situation, it is relayed by the control unit.

Benefits of the newEP LogicLink400

  • Easy to use and connect, minimal maintenance
  • Simple manual controls for operation without a climate computer
  • Designed for maximum control and protection
  • Less cabling required thanks to control unit and drive unit integration
  • Capable of relaying an error signal to a climate computer

  • Well-protected against moisture, dirt and vibrations thanks to potted control unit
  • Suitable for use worldwide thanks to various supply voltages and mains frequencies
  • Intelligent safety features and phase detection
  • Equipped with a 24V power supply for connecting the PositioningUnit (RPU)


LogicLink RLL400 control for greenhouse

TheEP LogicLink400 control unit is an intelligent control unit for controlling aEP RW motor gearbox. The LogicLink400 control unit is integrated with a RW45, RW240/400/600, RW800, RW1000/1400, RW1200/1600S or RW2000 motor gearbox. The LogicLink400 is suitable for various supply voltages and mains frequencies, and for both 3-phase and 1-phase currents. The LogicLink400 control unit has a ‘solid state’ control circuit board with a microprocessor. This control circuit board has a connector for the supply voltage, a connector for an external control signal (24 V AC/DC), a connector for the manual controls and an NC fault contact connector. The power supply for the electric motor, the PTC thermistor in the electric motor and the RSU limit switch system are also connected to the control circuit board of the LogicLink400. In combination with aEP RW motor gearbox, the LogicLink400 control unit relays control commands from the climate computer or manual controls and monitors whether these are implemented without malfunctions. The LogicLink400 also protects the RW motor gearbox against overloading through constant measurement of the PTC thermistor. The LogicLink400 includes rotational field detection and phase detection of the supply voltage. The 24 V AC/DC controls input is protected against control in two directions and quick changes of direction. The LogicLink400 control unit has an NC fault contact and alarm LEDs for feedback of fault situations. The LogicLink400 control unit is fitted with extensive and easily accessible plug connections and clamping strips. The LogicLink400 comes standard with cable glands for feeding out cabling. The protective classification of the LogicLink400 casing is IP54. LogicLink400
24 V AC/DC controls;
3-phase and 1-phase models available;
Models up to 480V.
Art. no. Description [m] Type [U] F ~ [I] [p] IP
kg V A Hz
584840 RLL400\115-400\1-3 3,1 IN 115-400 1-3 0,3-16 50/60 54
584845 RLL400\400\3 3,1 IN 400 3 0,3-16 50/60 54
584850 RLL400\440-600\3 3,1 IN 440-600 3 0,3-16 50/60 54
584875 RLL400\400\3\RW1400 5,4 IN 400 3 0,3-16 50/60 54
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