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+86-13205713851 LogicLink600 control units for greenhouse

+86-13205713851 LogicLink600 control units for greenhouse

LogicLink 600

TheEP LogicLink600 is a control unit that can be integrated with conventionalEP RW motor gearboxes. The LogicLink600 provides a wider range of functionality and adds more intelligence to the complete drive system than the LogicLink300. With extra features such as torque protection, synchronous and pursue control, pulse control and double screen control, theEP LogicLink 600 has a lot of additional value to offer.

The LogicLink600 is the link between the external control system, such as a climate computer or manual controls, and the drive unit. A microprocessor on the LogicLink600 control board converts the external control signal into control instructions for the drive unit. The LogicLink600 will then ensure that the drive unit moves the driven system to the instructed position extremely accurately and can feed back its position.

Digital technology

Features unique to the LogicLink600 include its operation based on digital technology and its connection to a bus system. Each technical component in the greenhouse (e.g. drive unit, pump, sensor unit) has a unique address and communication with each component occurs via codes. This allows information to be transmitted faster and reduces distortion, so the greenhouse climate can be controlled with greater precision.

Connection to a bus system offers a host of benefits. Fewer cables are required: one control cable and power cable from the central switch cabinet and climate computer to a series of motor gearboxes is sufficient. It's also easier to check the status of the motor gearboxes and the system can be reset. A conventional potentiometer has been replaced by a new encoder (theEP PositioningUnit), allowing the air vents and screen systems to be positioned even more accurately and reliably. The LogicLink600 is also capable of feeding back its position.

Additional features of the RLL600

  • Synchronized running function: This allows multiple motors to run synchronously and monitors whether the drive units in a system ('Master') are in sync with each other. This function is used, for example, in screen systems that are driven by multiple LogicLink600 drive units ('Slaves').
  • Pursue control function: The difference with the synchronized running function is that, in pursue control, the system does not monitor whether the drive units are running synchronously. 
  • Running speed monitoring: This safeguard protects the driven system against overloads by measuring the running speed by counting the encoder pulses.
  • Information feedback: If a LogicLink600 control unit is part of a bus system, status information on the drive unit (e.g. position, operating hours) can be retrieved via the bus.

  • Frequency control function: The LogicLink600 control units are designed for use withEP RW-F motor gearboxes fitted with a frequency controller. These can control a normal and high-speed system in both rotational directions.
  • Double Screen Control (DSC): TheEP LogicLink600 is able to accurately control two screen systems on one wire bed, making installation easier and saving energy. The screen cloths on the same wire bed are operated in short succession, minimizing the gap between the two screens. This feature minimizes heat loss and means no modifications have to be made to the climate computer. It also reduces the overall cost of the screen system significantly.


Additional features for screen systems


Changes in the greenhouse climate or ambient temperature can cause the greenhouse structure to contract or expand, allowing gaps to emerge between the screen profile and greenhouse post. If this contraction or expansion occurs after the screen motors have reached their end positions, the climate computer may falsely indicate that the screens are fully closed. If this is the case, the screen gaps will result in energy wastage and the unnecessary loss of heat and CO2.EP has solved this problem by developing GapControl, a software option for the LogicLink600:



Closed = closed
+86-13205713851 GapControl ensures a screen is fully closed by means of pulse corrections. Using taught-in pulse steps and a time setting, the screen is shut more tightly, closing any gap between the screen profile and the lattice girder. In other words, the screen motors are adjusted to a new end position, based on the gap that has emerged.

Pulse corrections for maximum light entry
When a screen is open, contraction or expansion of the greenhouse structure can cause the screen package to become larger. This reduces the amount of light coming into the greenhouse. As soon as this occurs, the pulse control activates the screen motors and compresses the screen package back to its smallest possible size. This ensures that the maximum amount of light can reach your plants at all times.

The benefits of the LogicLink600:

  • The RLL600 is an excellent tool for saving energy
  • Accurate positioning of air vents and screens, including position feedback
  • Easy installation and less cabling required
  • The potentiometer has been replaced by theEP encoder Unit
  • Capable of being connected directly to the existing climate bus systems
  • Status and faults can be detected remotely - system is resettable

  • Maximum protection by monitoring torque
  • Additional functions for synchronized running and pursue control
  • Frequency control options
  • Double Screen Control (DSC)
  • Additional screen options, such asEP GapControl and pulse control