Agricultural Roller Chain Sprockets

Styles Available
A Type (no hub) typically found in weld-on applications.
B Type (hub using one side) used in Agricultural Roller Chain Sprockets applications where clearance width is narrow. Routinely have two (2) setscrews on the hub to fasten the sprocket to shaft and keyway.
Split Style Construction – Once you utilize a Split Sprocket, you may never want to use a setscrew mount style again. Removal or installation is a breeze. May be used in virtually all applications. An additional benefit to Dark Ace’s split sprockets is usually that the shaft/keyway protection is much tighter when compared to a typical setscrew mount.
Split Design Narrow Width – Benefit from the benefits of split style construction and keep carefully the total sprocket width just slightly wider compared to the sprocket tooth thickness.
Hex Bore Split Style – Used in apparatus that uses hexagon shafts.
Idler Style – Assembled with a long-lasting Black Ball Bearing



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