China fluid coupling

China fluid coupling

fluid coupling
Power Assortment
Mounted pace: up to 1850 KW
Variable pace: up to 11000 KW

Speed Range
Set speed: 720 RPM – 3600 RPM
Variable speed: 490 RPM – 3600 RPM

Commencing torque selection
Fastened speed: 80% – 275%

Solution important information
Solution description
Electricity Transmission by way of hydraulic fluid/h2o with no mechanical connection among input and output of driver or driven equipment.

Conveyors, Crushers, Shredders, Ball mills, Ring granulators, Mixers, Pumps, Enthusiasts, Boiler Feed Pumps, Industrial drives


Motor Commencing with no load
Sleek acceleration of the load
Machine and Motor defense from overload, minimal to the maximum torque transmitted
Motor Selection via the operating torque, steering clear of an oversizing picks of the motor by the commencing torque
Reduced motor power consumption
Outstanding ROI (short pay back again time period)
High efficiency thanks to the lower sliding
Optimum torque transmission capability can be attained in the range of eighty up to 270% of the operating torque
Numerous designs
Tailor-created solutions

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