Power Locks Locking Assembly

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Keyless Locking Devices , High-Torque Tranny, Keyless Locking Assembly

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Keyless Locking Devices, High-Torque Transmission, Locking Assembly

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Keyless Locking Products,High-Torque Transmission, Locking Assembly

1 it could automatically centering, and high precision.
2 it can transfer large torque and axial force.
3 it can assume greater bending instant with small shaft diameter.
4 mechanical connection instead of welding, therefore the process is great.
5 it can bear alternating load and effect load.
6 it reduced quantity, and saving materials.

China manufacturer & exporter of power locks (Locking Assembly). We have the capability to custom design and manufacture specific these power lock items, and their connections to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.


Power Lock, Locking Assembly, Locking devices is a keyless shaft-hubs locking device allowing you to connect hubs and shaft with high torque transmission, are linker used between shafts and pulley, which can replace the solitary important and splines.