Stainless Steel Sprockets

We stock a full line of 304-grade stainless sprockets both as A-Plate design and B-Hub design. We keep these on the shelf as regular stock bores. Nevertheless, we can supply sprockets with completed bores thanks to our fast-reaction in house industrial machine shop. Typiclly our sprockets are manufactured out of 304 grade stainless, but 316 as well as a few other grades are avaible upon reques

Custom Stainless Steel Sprockets

We are able to also supply an array of specialty and double strand stainless steel sprockets. Of the illustrations below the sprocket on the left is a double strand roller chain sprocket and the sprocket on the right is a specialty custom manufactured stainless sprocket that can be used in a conveying app.

#25 STAINLESS Sprockets
#35 STAINLESS Sprockets
#40 STAINLESS Sprockets
#50 STAINLESS Sprockets
#60 STAINLESS Sprockets
#80 Stainless steel Sprockets
#100 STAINLESS Sprockets
A-Plate STAINLESS Sprockets



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