Standard Conveyor Chain

Conveyor chain, like transmitting roller chain, can be manufactured to a variety of international standards. The main standards available are:
British Standard (BS)
This standard covers chain manufactured to suit the British market and markets where a strong British existence has dominated engineering design and purchasing. The typical is based on the original Ever-power Conveyor Chain design.
ISO Standard Chain
Chain manufactured to ISO Standard isn’t interchangeable with BS or DIN Regular Chain. This standard has a wide acceptance in the European market, except in Germany. Chain produced to this standard is becoming more popular and are used extensively in the Scandinavian area.
Ever-power has comprehensive experience in the produce of conveyor chain. The Ever-power specification of conveyor chain provides taken many years in design and advancement to attain the optimum product.
To be able to ensure this is translated into product performance, we strictly control:
Heat Treatment
Attachment Assembly
Conveyor Chain Exploded View
Ever-power Ultimate Reliability
The main element to Ever-power chain reliability is consistency in design and manufacture.
Maximum chain power and level of resistance to wear are attained by strict control of the material specification and through the use of state of the art heat treatment processes.
The constant overall tolerances of Ever-power chain make it perfect for conveying systems requiring precise alignment on multi-strand chain layouts.
Breaking loads exceed the minimal international standards.
Appropriate chain selection is essential for maximum performance. Ever-power’s experienced style team are always available to freely recommend on particular items and applications.
Standard and Deep Link conveyor chain is open to BS4116 Component 4 as well as ISO 1977, with both Hollow and Solid Bearing Pins.
Extra Strength Standard Conveyor Chain
To complement our standard range of British Standard Conveyor Chain, this extra power chain is more ideal for conveyor applications chosen on ultimate tensile power (breaking load). Each chain may be the same dimensionally as its normal counterpart, for example a supplementary strength 24000 pounds chain has simply the same dimensions as a normal 12000 pounds series chain. This chain is used extensively in the conveying of animal feed and bulk food stuffs such as grain, maize, wheat and raw food mixtures.
Most of these applications make use of scraper type conveyor systems that normally have long center distances between sprockets. Such systems are sometimes sluggish moving with little if any shock loading. Get in touch with our technical sales staff for selection and applicational details.



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