Steel Spur Gear Plastic Spur Gear

Steel Spur Gear Plastic-type material Spur Gear
Spur Gears: Metal spur gears in 20 through 2 Diametral Pitch – 14 1/2° pressure angle stocked. Various other circular, metric, or D. P. sizes made-to-purchase in 14 1/2°, 20° or various other pressure angles from metal, nylon, phenolic, bronze, cast iron or other materials up to 96″ diameter. Internal gears and ground external profiles may be provided subject to equipment limitations.

All sizes obtainable with hardened teeth as a modification.

We can produce all sorts of gears according to clients drawing,sample and specification.
1. Suitable for many sorts of transmission system.

2. Material and precision can be as requirements.

3. Processing:forged,casting,heat treatment,or quenching and tempering carburization.

4. We have complete equipment machining equipments: gear hobbing machine, shaving machine, gear shaper, gear grinding machine and heat therapy center, Precision forging, reducing by CNC machine, Heat-treatment with high quality.

5. Each digesting, strictly quality control.

6. Can style and manufacture gear wheel and sprocket wheel.